Bikeability Training

Our Bikeability Level 2 training will consist of a number of road based sessions. Dependent on the number of children involved we will aim to give your child six hours of on-road training, although for very small groups this will be shortened.

Before any on-road sessions commence, a 2-hour Bikeability Level 1 training session will be run. This session will be playground based and will include basic bike checks, helmet checks and general handling skills. At this stage the instructors will assess each child to see if they are suitable to progress to training on the road at a later date.

The on-road sessions, which will take place on quiet roads as near to school as possible, with students under supervision throughout the time they are out of school. The instructors will identify a suitable on-road training site and a full site-specific risk assessment will be completed.

All children are required to wear a cycling helmet and we will provide each child with a hi-vis vest for Level 2 training. Rain will not necessarily stop training taking place and children should come equipped with a suitable waterproof layer.

At the end each level the children who complete the course will be awarded a Bikeability badge and certificate. If your school is enrolled on the Derbyshire County Council Smart Rider Scheme, we are very happy to work with local Smart Rider volunteers to ensure that children achieve this award too.

Go on, blow the dust off your cycle clips.